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1、i'm very sorry for the inconvenience of what we give you 2、I'm sorry for bothering you 3、Inconvenience caused to you I am deeply sorry 4、i am really sorry for troubling you 5、I am deeply sorry for your inconvenience caus...

对。。。感到失望,沮丧 主语 + be depressed/ frustrated about/ with sth.

英文翻译过来顺序要变一下,比如对学习产生积极作用 Learn(学习) to produce positive role 我可是给你从词典里翻的噢 希望对你有帮助,请采纳,谢谢!

要看你用在什么地方。同意某人说话你可以用,i agree with you .表示我同意你的观点。正确无错误。一般说这道题目的答案是对的。the answer of the question is correct/right. right (对的,正确的)i guess you are right.我想你是对的。老师...

对某人很失望 Be disappointed with sb 英 [ˌdisəˈpɔint] 美 [ˌdɪsəˈpɔɪnt] vt. 使失望; 使破灭,使落空; vi. 使失望;

I feel highly honoured by your approved . 我得到您的肯定,感到十分荣幸. It's a great pleasure for me to gained the recognition of you 对于您对我的肯定,我感到十分荣幸

对...感到心烦意乱 Be upset about...

Feel sorry for/about ... Regret to inform ...

be surprised at sth 对…感到惊奇;使…感到意外;对……很吃惊

对..感到满意 Be satisfied with satisfied with 词典 满意;对…感到满意 网络 对...满意;  对。。。满意;  对..满意 双语例句 1 We are not satisfied with these results. 我们对这些结果并不满意。


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